Thursday, February 11, 2010

Indoor Winter Gardening

Well, it's hard to do much gardening under 3' of snow. But, here's what is going on!

Project 1 - Finally sprouting mung beans! I can't wait to use these in stir fry. They're not ready yet, though.

Project 2 - Lettuce seed - they sprouted in one day! Amazing! Humidity really helps.

Project 3 - Taking a nod from the article on green beans in the latest Urban Farm magazine, I decided to try to grow some bush beans in a south facing window. So far so good, as long as the cat doesn't find them!


  1. where did you get humidity for the seeds?? :)

    btw, where can i get organic (heirloom?) seeds?

  2. I used a food storage container (like the large cookie boxes). Rotisseri chicken boxes also work well, with their high dome lids. Steve Solomon, in his book Gardening When It Counts, recommends making a germinating cabinet, or use an aquarium with some sort of lid, and place in a warm location. With the humidity, seeds usually germinate quickly.

    There are a number of wonderful suppliers of organic/non GMO/heritage seeds. My favorites are:
    Baker Creek
    Botanical Interests
    Southern Exposure Seed Exchange

    Thanks for commenting!