Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Better way to sprout!

Many thanks to my dear friend S for sharing a better method of sprouting - use a colander! You can sprout a LOT more seeds and there is less of a chance of your seeds molding. Make certain your colander has "feet" or is suspended in the pot, so that any water can drain away from the seeds. I'm rinsing my seeds/sprouts twice a day and these sunflower seeds did beautifully! Thank you S!!


  1. Hey Becky, I've ordered all my seeds and am gearing up. Our last frost is in May here so it will soon be time to sow tomatoes indoors! :) Unfortunately, Botanical Interests were out of the San Marzano tomatoes and spinach seeds. any idea of where else I can look? I want only organic heirloom seeds this year.

    Thanks, Holly

  2. Found some from Peaceful Valley:


    I was surprised that Baker Creek didn't carry them. Honestly, you have to order their catalog - it's beautiful!