Monday, July 27, 2009

After the rains...

The rains have finally come! After a rough dry spell in the MidAtlantic region, we have had 3-4 good rains. The garden plants are rejoicing :) The plants have pretty much recovered. Glad we mulched the tomatoes in the garden with grass clippings, or they may not have survived.

I love raised bed gardening. You can cram so much stuff in them! Note the 4 x 8 bed above. We have tomatoes, kale, thyme, chives, and cukes (in abundance - gotta keep an eye on them or they might take over). It also gives you an opportunity to intensely use your resources - compost, worm castings, etc. by placing them in the bed. I have 3 of these beds right outside my kitchen door and they are by far the best kept and most used. Hope gardening is going well where you are!!