Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Hero

Here is a picture of my hero, Sakura. Truth be told, our little garden wouldn't be nearly as fertile without her contribution. Her manure is fed into a vermiposting compost bin, for the earthworms to continue the work. It is an excellent soil amendment. She also helps by nibbling excess greens and "weeds". Isn't she cute?

Our Garden Gnome

This is our garden gnome. His name is Sugar :) Sugar doesn't really protect the garden, but loves to keep us company while working. He enjoys rolling in the grass and knibbling dandelion puffs :)


Well, in my attempt to grow a nice garden of greens, I overplanted. I was determined that SOMETHING was going to make it. It's lush. I keep it covered with row covers to protect the plants from the cabbage moths. You'll also notice the obligatory "beer traps" to keep the slug population down.