Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Better way to sprout!

Many thanks to my dear friend S for sharing a better method of sprouting - use a colander! You can sprout a LOT more seeds and there is less of a chance of your seeds molding. Make certain your colander has "feet" or is suspended in the pot, so that any water can drain away from the seeds. I'm rinsing my seeds/sprouts twice a day and these sunflower seeds did beautifully! Thank you S!!

Lettuce Update

Just wanted to show you an update of the lettuce planting from a few weeks ago. I think we've made it to microgreen size. They've been living in a sunny window, although we haven't had consistent sunshine - a lot of cloudy weather. I think they've fared nicely!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Despise not the day of small beginnings...

Despise not the day of small beginnings (Zech 4:10)

This is a tray of some of our latest seedlings started. From left to right there is artichoke, kale, and onion (which were growing toward the light, so that's why they appear to be lying down).

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


What can I say? The snow was a record breaker for the Mid Atlantic. It was gorgeous, especially on the pine trees.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Garden Planning... Potatoes

OK, it's February, it's cold, and there's a LOT of snow outside. So, the only thing I can do is to work on my garden plans. This morning I was contemplating where I will plant the potatoes. It's tradition at our house that we plant potatoes around St. Patrick's Day.

The quandry for me is that potatoes should be rotated. My last potato planting last summer was proof of that. They weren't the best looking crop that we've harvested. So, this spring they will be planted in front of the house (yes, in the front!). Front yard guerilla gardening at its best. Actually potato plants are quite beautiful, with their pretty purple or white blossoms and lush green foliage. If you've never planted potatoes you've got to try it.

You can buy "seed potatoes" that are certified disease free. I usually purchase some from our local organic market. Do NOT use regular potatoes that are not organic. Some of these are sprayed to prevent sprouting. I plant the potato (seed potato or piece of cut potato that has at least two "eyes" or sprouts), mulch the area well (I use straw), and ignore. As long as we get decent rain and some sun exposure all should be well.

When the potato vines die, it's harvest time!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Indoor Winter Gardening

Well, it's hard to do much gardening under 3' of snow. But, here's what is going on!

Project 1 - Finally sprouting mung beans! I can't wait to use these in stir fry. They're not ready yet, though.

Project 2 - Lettuce seed - they sprouted in one day! Amazing! Humidity really helps.

Project 3 - Taking a nod from the article on green beans in the latest Urban Farm magazine, I decided to try to grow some bush beans in a south facing window. So far so good, as long as the cat doesn't find them!